Monday, 13 March 2017

Water Sports

We took part in Water Sports on the field with room 14.

Getting dressed up was the first exciting part of the day.  The children were raiding the dress up box and looking in the mirror, the adults were too!  We were part of the red team and we looked GREAT!

We took part in the sponge race and Rob the Nest.  Most of us were soaked before the end of these games and our costumes started to disintegrate!

The best part was the bouncy water obstacle course and we all completed it at least once!


  1. We love the flaming red clothing Room 9a. We hope you all had a magnificent time at water sports!

    Fantastic fifteen over and out

  2. I thought the water sports was a lot of fun. I'm glad that Room 9a had a good time.

  3. Great to see you enjoyed the water sports day.

  4. Nice one 9A! It sounds like water sports are lots of fun.